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Our finishes

Our products are made from raw steel, which is our core business.

We offer a range of finishes on our products, which are either untreated or powder-coated (oven-painted) to give them long-lasting strength for indoor and outdoor use.

raw color


The raw finish on steel furniture fully embraces the marks and asperities of this elegant material, creating a bold, authentic aesthetic.

This raw finish allows the raw beauty of steel to shine through, while preserving its authentic appearance.

It offers an aesthetic that tells a story, where every mark and asperity contributes to creating an atmosphere of character and originality.

The raw finish evolves over time, oxidizing with humidity to remain unique and authentic.

Matte black color


Matte black applied to steel furniture gives these pieces an aura of understated elegance.

Visualize a deep, velvety hue that adds a touch of modernity while retaining a sleek appearance.

This matte black creates a non-reflective surface that absorbs light in a way that evokes a sense of mystery and sophistication, creating a timeless and captivating ambience.

In short, matte black on steel furniture is not just a color, but a style statement that embodies understated elegance , modernity and minimalism, adding a touch of intimate, refined atmosphere to any space.



Brilliant white, a brilliant shade that exudes purity and elegance. This luminous color, with its captivating brilliance, evokes a feeling of freshness and modernity.

This brilliant whiteness creates an incredibly smooth surface that reflects light in a way that creates an atmosphere of freshness and refinement, drawing attention with its sleek aesthetic.

Ultimately, glossy white on steel furniture is not just a color, but a style statement that embodies perfection, simplicity and timeless elegance, illuminating every room with incomparable luminosity.

matte varnish colors


Matte varnish, when applied to steel furniture, adds a dimension of sobriety and subtle elegance to these pieces. Imagine a soft, non-reflective finish that adds a touch of modernity while preserving the clean lines of steel furniture.

This matte varnish creates a surface that diffuses light softly, while allowing steel's authentic characteristics, such as its markings and textures, to shine through.

It's a style statement that embodies understated elegance, modernity and minimalism, adding a dimension of intimacy and refinement while celebrating the true beauty of steel.


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