Modular wall shelves - The Marvelous

Modular wall shelves- The Marvelous


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The Wonderful is the perfect combination of design, quality, lightness and practicality.

Available in 5 sizes and 3 colors. Made entirely in France.

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The Product

Here is the Wonderful !
Combine the different elements as you wish, to create a shelf that is 100% adapted to your spaces and evolves over time.

Our challenge: A modular shelf with noble materials, easy to assemble and manufactured entirely in France.
A challenge that we raised after a year of reflection and work.

Nos garanties

Les matériaux

A noble wood, robust and that holds in time: the solid oak !

We selected for you a wood from forests managed sustainably labeled PEFC originating from our French forests.

The steel elements are made from raw steel in our workshop in Montpellier.

La modularité

The very definition of this shelf.
We wanted to offer a shelf that will follow you and evolve over time according to your desires.
So you can create freely ! 

La fabrication

Everything is assembled by hand and checked according to precise specifications.

The wood is cut, sanded finely, the corners are rounded, the wood remains in the raw state without varnish or additional chemical.

The frames are painted with high-strength epoxy powder in a workshop powered in part by solar panels.
The screws and the assembly instructions are provided.

Les coloris

We have selected three variations to please the greatest number.

Matt varnish

A raw appearance, a matte finish, the most authentic finish

Matt Black

The timeless black that fits everywhere

Brilliant white

A basic that we never get tired of

2 Vaillants - 1 planches en bois

Hauteur 21 cm - Largeur 80 cm

3 Vaillants - 2 planches en bois - 1 petits cadres

Hauteur 54 cm - Largeur 141 cm

3 Vaillants - 3 planches en bois - 2 petits cadres - 1 grand cadre

Déclinaison 1 : Hauteur 84 cm - Largeur 141 cm -

Déclinaison 2 : Hauteur 84 - largeur 123 cm

3 Vaillants - 4 planches en bois - 3 petits cadres - 2 grand cadre

Déclinaison 1 : Hauteur 117cm - Largeur 141cm

Déclinaison 2 : Hauteur 116cm - Largeur 123 cm

3 Vaillants - 5 planches en bois - 4 petits cadres - 3 grand cadre

Déclinaison 1 : Hauteur 150cm - Largeur 141cm

Déclinaison 2 : Hauteur 149cm - Largeur 121cm