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L'Habile - 2 H-shaped table legs with crossbar - Sur Mesure Ripaton
  • L'Habile - 2 H-shaped table legs with crossbar - Sur Mesure Ripaton
  • L'Habile - 2 H-shaped table legs with crossbar - Sur Mesure Ripaton
L'Habile - 2 H-shaped table legs with crossbar - Sur Mesure Ripaton
L'Habile - 2 H-shaped table legs with crossbar - Sur Mesure Ripaton L'Habile - 2 H-shaped table legs with crossbar - Sur Mesure Ripaton


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Custom-made Habile table frame 2 H-shaped table legs with tubular steel crosspiece

Finish : Rough
Adjustable glide option: without
368,00 €

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The "Habile" table structure is made up of 2 H-legs with a steel crossbar which, while reinforcing the support of your tabletop, also serves as a footrest. In fact, the central steel bar reinforces the structure and support of your tabletop, while providing a comfortable place to rest your legs.

It's up to you to choose the perfect height between 40 and 110 cm , as well as the desired overall width and length.

📏 Suitable for your trays from 85 to 250 cm long
💪 Solid, it supports 350 kilos
💡 Practical, the structure is delivered flat, ready-to-assemble
🔨 Screws, inserts and protective pads are included
🌞 Protected, for indoor and outdoor use
🌱 Durable and responsible, it is carefully manufactured in France, in our Montpellier workshop


Solid product
and French

Built to last
Locally produced


Sustainable materials
and eco-friendly

High-grade steel
Recycled packaging


For indoor
and/or outdoor use

Easy to maintain
Durable finishes

Ripaton product details

More information

2 H-shaped table legs
with central reinforcement
for added stability

Our Habile Sur Mesure table frame is made fromhigh-quality raw steel in our Montpellier workshop. This made-to-measure structure is ideal for all your projects: dining table, desk, high table, kitchen island.

The central reinforcement bar, included in this set of 2 H table legs, is ideally positioned to act as a footrest and to provide overall support for your table.
The legs are made from 8 × 8 cm steel tubing for incredible strength and stability.
The crossbar is made from 8 × 4 cm steel.

These two legs with crossbar will bring an industrial and rustic style that will remind you of old farm tables, making your interior elegant and modern!
This practical set is delivered flat-packed and can be disassembled!

All our feet are supplied with screws and protective pads for excellent floor protection and stability.

This table structure is particularly suited to your wood, marble, stone, granite or glass tops.

The cross-piece connecting the two feet provides support under your tray, if it's fragile or very heavy.

This table structure is suitable for :

  • 85 to 300 cm long
  • 20 to 150 cm wide
  • 20 to 120 cm high

The structure can support a considerable weight, up to 350 kilos.

Need a custom size or color? Just contact us!

Steel is a noble and durable material. However, it requires regular maintenance to maintain its appearance and strength.

Key points to remember :

The raw product will naturally oxidize and rust over time, depending on the humidity present in the air.

Tips for optimum use:

Removing rust: If rust is present, apply a mixture. To do this, make a paste by mixing a little hot water, white vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda. Apply to the affected areas and leave for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with a damp sponge and dry with a dry cloth.

Yes, thermolacquer is a process that creates a durable protective coating. Corrosion-resistant, it can protect steel from oxidation and rust. UV-resistant, thermolacquer is also UV-resistant, which means it won 't fade or degrade when exposed to sunlight.

Tips for optimum use:

Regular cleaning: To keep your table legs in good condition for many years, we recommend regular cleaning with a damp cloth and mild soap. Dry with a dry cloth. If white stains appear, use a soft cloth lightly moistened with cider vinegar or white vinegar.

At Ripaton, we don't mess around with green!

Eco-responsibility has been at the heart of our business from the outset.

Our products are designed and manufactured with love, in our workshop in Montpellier.

We use 100% green and renewable energy on our premises.

All our packaging is made from recycled cardboard.

We also reuse our steel scraps to make smaller products, like our bed bases!

We offer several finishes on our products:

Untreated raw steel: dark steel color, untreated. Steel can have certain marks and roughness, signs of its authenticity. Ideal for an industrial, raw, metal look. If used outdoors without protection, it may rust. This finish is only available on certain models.

Gloss white : Plain, glossy white powder coating on steel. Luminous and brilliant at the same time, brilliant white brings purity to your interior. Its lustrous sheen brings a sense of refinement and sophistication to your decor.

Matte Black: Plain black powder-coating on steel. Chic, elegant and luxurious at the same time, matte black brings modernity to your interior.

Dark matte varnish: plain, dark matte varnish powder coating on steel. Its matte finish brings a modern, delicate and trendy look to your interior decoration. The matte effect softens the steel's industrial look.

Khaki green: Khaki green and plain powder coating. Khaki green brings modernity to your interior. Use khaki green on your furniture to give it a chic, refined yet casual feel. For a rustic or modern ambience, khaki green adapts to every style.

Copper-plated : Plain copper powder coating on steel. A warm color with natural hues, copper brings warmth and sophistication together, adding a luxurious touch to your decor.

Metallic blue: Solid metallic blue powder coating. Elegant yet luxurious, metallic blue brings a sophisticated, modern touch to your furniture. At once warm and inviting, blue brings a sense of confidence and stability to your decor.

Silver gray: Plain, silver-gray powder coating. Silver gray gives your furniture a sophisticated, minimalist look. Its color adds a touch of prestige to your interior, while bringing a sleek, minimalist look to your home.

This product will be entirely custom-made once your order has been placed.

Delivery within 10-15 days for custom-made products.

This foot is delivered on pallets, on the first floor, by appointment with the carrier.

Custom-made products cannot be returned or exchanged.

Ripaton product details

Technical data

Technical data

Steel type: 8 x 8 cm square steel tube

Foot height: Min: 40 cm - Max: 110 cm

Widths with base plate: 60 cm - 80 cm - 100 cm

Type of steel for crossbar: 8 x 8 cm square steel tube

Crossbar length: Min 80 cm - Max 270 cm 

Drilling: Yes

Screws supplied: Yes

Glides supplied: Self-adhesive rubber

Maximum supported weight (per foot ): 350 kg

368,00 €

Price per unit