Six years ago, we decided to create the first French brand of table legs, and above all to live a responsible, sustainable and committed entrepreneurial adventure.

From the beginning, we were convinced of one thing: our company was not just a company! It would carry our convictions, our values, and contribute to our mission:

Create furniture

  • Fine
  • Robust
  • Sustainable
  • At a fair price
  • No middleman
  • Well designed

By giving a strong interest to the well-being of its employees, as well as all the partners who contribute to this adventure.

All this gathered in 3 strong values :

French employment and production

The durability & the quality of our products

An eco-responsible  approach

A leg focused on sustainability

Each year, nearly 860,000 tons of furniture waste are collected in France. Do you think this is normal ?

We don't !

In recent years, the trend has been toward cheap, disposable furniture made of low-quality materials, and certainly not designed to last.

When we decided to create Ripaton, we immediately wanted to work with quality materials, with an unlimited life span, with two desires:

  • To offer a product that lasts over time
  • To manufacture and sell products with a reasoned and local production, in an eco-responsible approach. 
cardboards and packaging

Margot ― Co-founder

Don't we look good? (We think so)

Tom ― Co-founder

Marie ― Customer Happiness Manager

Louise ― Customer service

Nathan ― Logistics expert

Léon ― Mascot

Emilien ― Business Developer

Constance ― Ripaton's pen

Maëva ― Community manager

Jules ― Web & SEO lover

Alex ― Super welder

Julien ― Super welder

Thomas ― Super welder

Ruben ― workshop handler

Marine ― product Designer

Mario ― product Designer

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Vous ? ―Votre poste rêvé

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